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If I loved you….I’m far from a model but I had fun! #sneakpeak into my most recent photoshoot with @xflashlove #reverieproject #behindthescenes #photooftheday #photography

Hey Loves, this is my first fitness related video that I’m excited to share with you all just because the good weather has been getting me in the mood! With the new changes in my life, im hoping constant fitness and healthy eating will remain a regular routine in my life and i would love for you all to watch my changes and also let me know if you will be joining me on this life change! 

I posted this video about 8 months ago (4 months after my big chop) and just noticed it has over 22,000 views! Thanks so much for the support y’all have been giving me! I will post an updated photo of my hair at 1 year after my big chop and I hope y’all continue to follow me on my journey. If you guys have done any of my tutorials I have shown in my videos, remember to hash tag #secretlylimitless so I can see you lovelies! 😘 (at

Hey Y’all, In this video, you will see my favourite natural hair and beauty products for the month of March! Hope you enjoy!

My First Tutorial Tuesday! I learned a lot of things from doing this style my first time!

Hey my lovelies! I posted my newest video today and would love for you to check it out. I think this is one of my favourite hair tutorials that i’ve done thus far! Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already for more tutorials on how to style your short natural hair and remember to spread the word, so your friends too can learn! Thank you!